Strange Trains…..

August 10, 2006

Today there was a strange train that stopped at the abandoned station. It wasn’t even a new train it was an old one so I have no idea why it was there. Why the hell would someone want to go to an abandoned station for and the train had so many carriages it was like it was on its way to London…..

Anyway we are having more scureity alerts today. The muslims wanted to bomb planes going to the US. They could have killed families going on holiday. I did think there had been a bomb at Gatwick Airport station but there was just alerts at the airport. Today has been a really weird day.

Waiting with babies

August 9, 2006

I had to go to the doctors twice today. The first time I had to wait with aload of these mum’s with babies. Then the pharmacy was closed so I had to go back. And then up there again.

Well anyway I am too bored with this holiday and actually for once I want to go back to college. Atleast it is something to do.

I must finish taking down the wall paper and then onto the bounding the walls. I really can’t wait until I can stop sharing with my sisters and move into my own room. It will be for a year…….